swedish - the perfect combination of smooth, sweeping strokes and gentle pressure to relieve stress. ideal for the newbie or someone just looking to relax. jessica applies light to moderate pressure, increasing circulation and leaving you in a relaxed state of mind.

deep tissue - for the tightest of muscles, this intense method of massage releases tension through deep pressure and friction. designed to promote circulation, relieve chronic muscle tension, increase range of motion and remove toxins from your muscles. jessica applies direct, slow and steady pressure using knuckles, forearms, and elbows to areas of tension.

myofascial release - focus and emphasis on altering the structure and muscle restrictions that may cause pain and discomfort throughout everyday tasks. jessica applies slow, personalized pressure addressing issues within layers of the body and ability to work with the muscle tissue and fascia causing discomfort, stiffness and tenderness.

corrective - addresses scar tissue restrictions, lengthens and releases tension and adhesion. after evaluation, treatment plan will be administered and may need to be implemented over a number of sessions for optimal results.

sports massage (pre- and post- event) - just what the coach ordered, a customized massage treatment with a combination of techniques to manipulate sport specific muscle groups, ideal for improved flexibility and alleviating muscle pain. weather for recovery, remedial, rehab or maintenance--this massage will aid the longevity, perseverance and well-being of athletes in training through a combination of relaxation massage, pressure specific and deep tissue work and well as in depth stretching.

60 minute

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60 minute


60 minutes of bodywork to include swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, corrective or sports massage.

not sure which type is best for you? try a customized blend per jessica's recommendation.

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