February is American Heart Month

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States, according to the American Heart Association.  Research shows that massage therapy is effective in lowering stress and blood pressure, which are contributors of heart disease. 

A few small changes that can make a big difference and improve cardiovascular health include:

EXERCISE in little as 30 minutes per day can reduce your risk of heart disease. Activities like walking, jogging, swimming, and biking all count-so get moving!

REDUCE BLOOD SUGAR by monitoring glucose levels and have regular check ups from your healthcare provider.

STOP SMOKING!  Smokers have a higher risk at developing many chronic disorders that include atherosclerosis, which is the build up of fatty tissue in the arteries-this can lead to coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

MANAGE BLOOD PRESSURE  A heart-healthy diet, controlling cholesterol, maintaining healthy weight, limiting alcohol and managing stress are ways to keep blood pressure in check.  Keep it simple-lifestyle changes are much less invasive and can prevent the use of prescription drugs to lower blood pressure.